About the trainer

Years of experience

Egill Einarsson, sport scientist, is the owner and personal trainer at gettingfitonline.com.
Egill has been involved in fitness training for more than 15 years.
He has trained people of all ages, from children up to senior citizens.
He has also trained performance athletes.


BSc in Sport Science from Reykjavík University.
ACE personal trainer certification
He has also participated in numerous courses and seminars on health and fitness.

Online personal training

Supervised training and ambitious programs

Whether you want to lose weight, build strength, gain weight, add muscle mass, improve stamina, improve explosive power, or if you just want to firm up and get added muscle tone, you need to follow a program and set goals which suit YOU!

We will set goals on what we want to achieve and I will put together personalized programs for strength training, cardio training and diet based on these goals.

You get your own copy of the Sideline XPS personal trainer program which contains videos of different exercises, information on the number of exercise sets and reps etc. It also includes a mobile app where you can watch videos and instructions how to do every different exercise. The app is available for both iOS and Android.


Measurements taken at the start and end of the month. Weight, circumference, body fat with calipers.


Weightlifting program to suit your goals. We meet up for a personal session and I will teach you the correct way to do the exercises, if you can come to get measured.


Cardio programs designed to get you into great shape as quickly as possible.


Nutrition program personalized to your goals, including information on what food supplements suit you and your body

Food diary

Regular check of your food diary. You write down what you eat, I’ll analyze it and make suggestions so we can make your diet even healthier.


Online personal training Per month per person
For people who are able come to get measured and learn how to do the exercises 16.900 ISK
For people who are not able come to get measured and learn how to do the exercises 13.900 ISK
If 2-5 people come together to get measured and follow the program 13.900 ISK
Group training sessions Per month per person
Ideal for workmates who want to get into shape and compete against one another
6-9 people together for one month 12.000 ISK
10 + people together for one month 11.000 ISK
Online personal training with additional supervision Per month per person
Body measurements every two weeks 21.500 ISK
Body measurements every week 25.500 ISK

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